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Educating Advisors.

I've been moderating the CFP and CLU programs ever since I came into the business 40 years ago.

My experience has been that students need explanations, context, applications, someone to answer their questions clearly and effectively in a hands-on environment. That's what I provide for students who are willing to roll up their sleeves and work towards a family first approach to their designations.

Together, students of my designation and supplementary programs learn how to think and encouraged on how to research. Each time I take groups through the program, they are evolving more into study groups so we can learn together.

The CLU Program.

Advocis provides preliminary courses required in the CFP program of study. Following the completion of the CFP introductory courses, the student is then eligible to become part of the CLU program and examination.

I am one of the few that teach this CLU program and its array of highly advanced courses to elite professional financial advisors which include:

Advanced Concepts in Tax & Law for Personal Planning
Tax & Legal Principles for Businesses and their Owners
Advanced Estate Planning

Get in touch with me to register for upcoming programs.

Supplementary CLU Programs.

In addition to the designation program, I am developing supplementary course material to further educate and assist advisors with exam preparation as well as post-designation applications. Which will be coming soon.

Stay tuned for registration details.

  • Anita Shaw
    "If anyone of you who is thinking of upgrading their skill set to the next level, I would recommend talking to Jeff and making sure, you are in his class, it’s a great experience."
    Anita Shaw
  • Abdullah Khalid
    "The Group is not only limited to studying the Course Material but sharing every day meetings with clients in business to elaborate our Practice."
    Abdullah Khalid
  • Lubna Karim
    "It's different. We learn and we have fun".
    Lubna Karim
  • Jennifer Stoddard
    "Jeff has created a fun, collaborative learning environment. I look forward to going to the class each week!"
    Jennifer Stoddard