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Family First Consulting.

Life Insurance is about protecting families first.

Every family has a fundamental right to know their entitlements and maximized benefits.

If you have entrusted an institution to manage your assets, you have the right to request complete and accurate information and to be received in a timely manner.

I can help.

Gain Control.

Gain control of your life's financials with independent, organized, and simplified life insurance advice.

As a policy holder, you should be made aware of your options and the services that are available to you. Yet, the complexity of life insurance combined with hidden financial rewards to both the institution and its agents make it difficult to maximize your benefit.

There is virtually unlimited financial potential that you, and your family, are likely not realizing.

Read our latest case studies to learn more about how I'm helping families just like yours.

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Maximize Your Benefit.

Over the last 40 years, I've helped 100's of families realize the maximum benefit of their life insurance policies.

Helping them gain control of their life's financials with independent, organized, and simplified life insurance advice.

There is gold in your life insurance policies. Let's realize its potential.

The 4 Pillars of Life Insurance.


Expect Exceptional Returns.

You should expect exceptional returns from your life insurance policy. From the institution and the agent. For yourself and your heirs.

Don't Buy Too Much.

The greatest performance risk is unplanned withdrawal from a well designed life insurance plan.

Proper Analysis Includes Tax Savings.

While tax rates on virtually every other financial instrument has risen and is expected to increase further, the taxation of life insurance has remained virtually tax-free.

Life Insurance Is Extremely Versatile.

Life insurance is a tool that is commonly used in the business and personal financial and tax planning process. However, the results derived from particular applications will reflect not so much the quality of the tool moreso the skill of the artisan.

Policy Contract & Company Reviews.

When families buy life insurance policies, it is evidenced by long complex contracts. You'd think it's a simple promise but that it is not. You sign for it then they give you a stack of paper about an inch thick. Here's the catch, many do not know what the policy contract states. Last year alone, Canadians invested over $20 billion into these policy contracts.

We can work together to make sense of your policy contracts to ensure families know their options.

It all starts with selecting a fee-based service package below.

Stage 1: Review


  • 1:1 Consultation with Jeff via Zoom or phone
  • Review of last annual statement and contract
  • Discussion of policy contract types, performance concerns, and recommendations of next steps

Stage 2: Repair


  • Written report deliverable
  • Address major performance concerns and recommended options
  • Awareness of exit strategies

Stage 3: Complete Control


    All services from Repair in addition to:
  • Written detailed summary of insurance holdings
  • Confirmation of beneficiary and ownership control
  • Share findings and discussions with executor

Deliverable includes the following considerations:

Change Options:
  • Surrender charges on face decrease
  • Substitute life option
  • Savings to insurance (YRT to Level COI)
  • Insurance to savings (Level COI to YRT)
  • Cost of insurance changes: guaranteed future COI
  • Insurance minimization
  • Business value protector
  • Single to joint life option
Investment Options:
  • Fixed rate account deducted first
  • True market value adjustments
  • Guaranteed minimum fixed interest account
  • MERs
  • Unique investment options
  • Bonus option
Accessing the Cash Value Options:
  • Exit strategies
  • Third party loan facilities
  • Tax-free access to cash on first death
  • Tax-free access to cash on disability
Disclosure of hidden options in the policy contract:
  • Unique contractual provisions
  • Premium payments, adjustments, reductions
  • Alternative funding options
  • Investment options
  • Increasing insurance amounts

Request A Policy Review.

No matter your circumstance, you have me on your side.

I can help walk you through your new or existing life insurance policy, the agent selection process, exit strategies, and more with a free, no obligation consultation to start. Let's understand your particular circumstance to maximize your benefit.

Fee-Based Consulting Only.

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Expert Advice. Supporting You.

Receive expert independent advice from 40 years of life insurance experience on policy contracts, review processes, joint field work, and technical administration on a fee-for-service basis.